Booking System

Mobile Web App

To broaden the apps feature set I created a usable booking system.

Project Overview

Avego is an app that enables you to set up shared car journeys with people in real-time. It allows commuters to find and arrange journeys with people nearby. At the end of the ride, the driver automatically receives a payment from the rider, based on the distance traveled. Both people then review the ride and that information gets shared with the rest of the community. The images below illustrate how the app worked.

How it works

How it works

To broaden the apps feature set a booking system was needed. This would allow users to find each other & arrange journeys in real-time.


  1. The software was to be built as a mobile web app.
  2. The booking system must work in real-time.
  3. The ability to schedule future journeys was also included in the brief.
  4. Location accuracy is a must.
  5. The style should fit in seamlessly with the existing apps branding.


The feature was engineered using agile development (Scrum). I worked in sprints one week ahead of the development team. Allowing the design to learn and pivot effectively. Each design phase was reviewed and iterated on.

Paper prototyping played a big role in the early iterations of the design. I used a mobile prototyping app called POP. This was a great asset as it allowed me to prototype and test quickly. Basic interactive prototypes (Booking Request Prototype and Booking Request) were also used to validate design thinking. The designs then advanced into development once they were verified through user testing.

Agile Prototyping

Agile Prototyping

Paper Prototype

This paper prototype shows a user making a booking request

A final pixel perfect visual design and development specifications were created.

The feature was tested as it was developed. I worked closely with the QA team to assure the design was being implemented correctly from a front-end & functional perspective.

A user test plan was also fulfilled during this time.

User Testing

User Testing


I worked specifically on the booking features of Avego. During my time there, I also worked on many other areas of the app however for the sake of this portfolio I will only exhibit Booking.

My responsibility was to create a clean and simple interface despite the complicated nature of the app. To do this I worked with the stakeholders involved. Worked through the technical restrictions to produce a solid user centered product.

Round Up

Allowing users to arrange shared journeys together was a real asset to the app.

Skills: User Experience Design
Client: Avego