Sign Up / Sign In

Sign Up / Sign In

A Sign Up/Sign In flow for iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Project Overview

I was tasked to improve the Sign Up and Sign In flow of an existing app. This multi-featured app requires the user to grant permission to location, camera, contacts, photos and notifications. When this is bundled with a required sign in and sign up forms the users cognitive load is bombarded.

Not getting access to a devices permissions can change the entire user experience. As a result I needed to simplify the flow. These objectives made requirements gathering very straight forward.


  1. The various OS (operating systems) permissions need to be included in flow and accounted for.
  2. Permissions will only be asked for when needed. The need for access to each permission should be make clear to the user.
  3. The design should accounts for the scenario where access to permissions are declined. As rejected access could render the app ineffective.
  4. Crucial user information needed to be captured at sign up.
  5. Legal considerations must be adhered to.
Requirement gathering

Requirement gathering


The product business case highlighted many of the issues faced. This, combined with testing (of the existing app) and requirement gathering helped me to get started. I created a basic content matrix and the strategy.

I then begin to simplify the process by breaking down the products IA and Functionality. Sectioning off the areas that required permissions. This allowed me to ask for access only when it was needed.

In the discovery phase many flows were explored to clarify the complicated nature of the project. Working with Post-it notes and paper prototyping proved to be very effective here. A flow chart was created for each flow and scenario (Permission granted and denied).

Exploring & defining flows

Exploring & defining flows

Next, an interactive prototype was built (created in This was closely followed by a hi-fi app mock up (created in Invision).


I was the user experience lead on this project. Kicking off the project by creating a business case that was presented to the company executives for approval. Once the project was given the green light I followed through the design process from the discovery phase to testing to the final design. I liased closely with both legal and cross platform development teams (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web) to address the product requirements effectively.

Round Up

Initially, this project started out as a case study for possible solutions. The end product was very well received and will be put into the development process in the coming months.

As this design was reached via an old school process (Waterfall) I am ready to adjust for and resolved design problems that may came out during agile development.


Skills: User Experience Design
Client: Inhance Mobile