Maébh Costello

A seasoned product leader & coffee lover with a proven track record of delivering innovative and impactful digital experiences.

I’m looking for opportunities to lead solutions that solve customers problems with UX Design, Technology and Data.

"I’m a leader with a passion for product, innovation & digital transformation"

About Me

I've had the privilege to work with and create products for various devices and platforms, spanning multiple industries and companies of all sizes and growth stages.


This experience has taught me vital skills in adapting to change, scaling products and teams, valuing partnerships, and recognising the importance of teamwork for building a successful business. Importantly, it has given me a deep understanding of the significance of digital transformation in driving innovation and staying competitive in today's rapidly evolving landscape.


I spend my spare time playing around with different types of Art and Design. When I’m not creating I can be found outdoors. For me, any excuse to be outside is a good one. I love to do yoga, and long walks with my dog.





Teams Managed
at Once




Teams I've Led

I've fostered collaboration within the teams I've led and across various departments such as finance, legal, security, and executive teams to align the digital strategy with broader organisational goals.

I have built and led the following multidisciplinary teams to successfully develop products:

Digital Experience

Led digital growth in a Fortune 9 company, driving org transformation. Implemented a comprehensive strategy aligned with business goals that enhance customer engagement across all touch points.

Product Management

Responsible for product roadmaps & strategy, entailing defining vision, identifying opportunities, prioritising features, and refining based on market trends and user feedback for product competitiveness.


Leveraged user research and customer insights to drive innovation by identifying unmet needs. Collaborated with software, hardware, and data teams to bring solutions to fruition.

Customer Insights and Analytics

Stood up a team focused on data driven decision making. By using actionable insights extraction, we enhance the customer experience and fuel sustainable business growth.

Software Development

As a leader, I've acted as a vital link between technical execution and project management, advocating for the use of lean and agile methodologies to develop software that customers will love.

Technical Writing

Enabling open collaboration among our writers, devs, and designers, ensured clarity on goals and empowered them to seamlessly integrate technical content into interfaces and designs.

My Traits


Building teams that solve
customer problems in ways that
deliver joy and drive measurable
business growth.

When it comes to Product, I believe
in delivering the right thing the first
time by only building what is essential
and practical.


Believer in challenging
norms with new ideas, design, data
and technology. Experienced in building
concepts within digital accelerators and
startups, constantly pushing boundaries
to drive innovation forward.

I currently have 1 patent granted and
4 US patent filings.


Always Curious
Problem Solver
Cross-functional Collaborator
Product Evangelist
Innovator & Forward-thinker
Culture & Community Builder
Visionary & Communicator
Stakeholder Manager
Mentor & Motivator

Digital Mindset & Approach

When it comes to digital enablement, I'm dedicated to guiding teams in the creation of exceptional solutions while also nurturing a positive workplace culture. I oversee disciplines, systems, and individual growth with a strategic focus on leveraging digital transformation to drive innovation and efficiency. Here are some key leadership initiatives I've implemented to ensure teams are positioned for success.

Org Design

Team Structure

Product Mindset

User Centric

Data Driven




Product Mindset


Throughout my career blurred the lines between the customer experience and product, recognising their inherent interconnectedness. The way users interact with a product directly influences its success. By deeply understanding customer needs and behaviours, I shape the product to not only fulfil those needs but also enhance the overall user experience. This approach enables the creation of products that go beyond functional requirements, resonating with users on an emotional level and fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty.


This approach drives meaningful product innovation. By combining user centric design principles with data-driven decision-making, I aim to create intuitive solutions that truly resonate with customers and drive business success. This approach is instrumental in uncovering new opportunities and taking the product experience to new heights.


Over the years, I've taken on various roles within the product domain, from product manager to owner, technical owner, strategist and new product development. Each position has been vital in building my product mindset, with unique responsibilities and focus areas. This diverse experience has provided me with valuable insights into the end-to-end requirements of the space.


Here is a link to my archived product work. Note, these examples predate my transition into leadership roles, where hands-on involvement unfortunately was not longer a part of my responsibility.

Prioritizing people and culture is key to business success. Valued employees innovate, collaborate and strive for excellence.